Start Year :2014
Country Base :U.S.
Issues Published :2
Accepted :20
Acceptance % :45
Published :15
Countries :54
Authors :32
Subject Areas :81
ICV :5.34
Impact Factor :1.75
Open Access :Yes
Peer Reviewed :Yes

Open Scientific Insight (OSI, is an organization specialized in the service of scientific journals publications. All the papers published by OSI journals are peer reviewed and openly accessible to the public through their online versions.

In order to better serve our academic community, new journal proposals are welcome at any time during the year in any fields of science or social science subjects.
Proposals for new journals should include the following items:
  1. Journal title*
  2. Specific aim & scope*
  3. Proposed editorial board
  4. Journal audience
  5. Competing journals

(*marked options are essential, others can be proposed later on).
Please send your brief CV along with your proposal to