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For Authors

Submission Policy
Papers submitted to Open Scientific Insight must contain original material. The submitted paper, or any translation of it, must neither be published, nor be submitted for publication elsewhere. Violations of these rules will normally result in an immediate rejection of the submission without further review. Contributions should be written in English and include a 100-300 words abstract. We welcome the following types of contributions: Original research articles, Review articles, providing a comprehensive review on a scientific topic. All manuscripts and any supplementary material should be submitted via the email address for the corresponding journal publication. The email addresses for each of the journal publications can be found here

General Peer-Review Procedure
All manuscripts submitted for publication in our journals are strictly and thoroughly peer-reviewed. The Editorial Offices will organize peer-review and collect at least two review comments per manuscript, ask the authors for adequate revision (peer-review again whenever necessary). The Editorial Board prepares a decision letter according to the comments of the reviewers, which is sent to the corresponding author. All non-reviewed manuscripts are sent back within 10 days and decisions letters of manuscripts are sent within 4 weeks.

OSI Publication Ethics Statement
OSI takes the responsibility to enforce a rigorous peer-review together with ethical policies and standards to the field of scholarly Publication. Our comprehensive Ethics statement can be found here – Ethics Statement